HDS 3047: Hadith Jibril: An introduction to the theological, legal, and spiritual dimensions of Islam

This course will engage in a critical reading and analysis of Hadith Jibril. Also known as Umm Al-Hadith (or the mother of Prophetic narrations), this narration gathers the essential acts and practices that are to be performed, internally and externally, in the life of a Muslim. Through analysis of the context and language of this hadith, we will develop an understanding of adab (Islamic manners or etiquette) as well as the fundamental building blocks of Islam: islam (the physical surrender of the body), iman (internal truth), and ihsan (excellence). From these building blocks, we will develop a framework for understanding the corresponding three core Islamic sciences: fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), ‘aqida (creed/theology), and tasawwuf (spiritual purification).