Alwaleed Bin Talal Seminar in Islamic Studies

The Alwaleed Bin Talal Seminar in Islamic Studies brings experts from an array of fields within the field of Islamic studies to Harvard. These seminars are meant to bolster intellectual engagement within the field of Islamic studies more broadly on the Harvard campus, and to allow students to engage with cutting-edge insights and scholarship on Islam and Islamic studies. The seminar series serves as educational opportunity for students, reserchers, and faculty to interact and learn in a seminar-style setting from world class experts on topics ranging from Islamic philosophy, Islamic history, Islamic law, Sufism, Arabic and Qur'anic studies and modern Islamic thought.


Spring 2019 Schedule


“The Quran in the American Imagination”grewal_poster.jpg
Zareena Grewal, Associate Professor of American Studies and Religious Studies
Yale University
February 25, 2019
William James Hall 601

“City and Countryside as Understood in Medieval Arabic-Persian Dictionaries”
Roy Mottahedeh, Professor Emeritus of History
Harvard University
March 28, 2019
3:00-4:30pm (tentative)

"Al-Ghazālī and the Epistemology of Legal Analogy (Qiyās): How Greek Logic Ascertains Islamic Law"
Felicitas Opwis, Associate Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies
Georgetown University
Thursday, April 11, 2019

“Race, Religion, and Revolution in Islamic West Africa since 1770”
Rudolph Ware, Associate Professor of History
University of California - Santa Barbara
Thursday, May 2, 2019
1:00-2:30pm (tentative

Details forthcoming