Middle East Beyond Borders Graduate Student Workshop

Faculty Directors:
Malika Zeghal (NELC and the Committee on the Study of Religion), mzeghal@fas.harvard.edu
Kristen Stilt (Harvard Law School), kstilt@law.harvard.edu
Graduate Student Coordinators:
Johannes Makar, jmakar@g.harvard.edu
Armaan Siddiqi, asiddiqi@g.harvard.edu
The Middle East Beyond Borders (MEBB) workshop aims to foster an interdisciplinary community of scholars working on the past and present of the Middle East. It takes as its founding premise the idea that the “Middle East” as an object of inquiry must fundamentally engage notions of boundaries, mobility and transformation. Our goal is to offer a platform for collaboration and discussion to all Middle East scholars at Harvard, across a wide range of academic fields and disciplines.

Unless otherwise noted, all sessions take place from 6:00 - 7:30pm in Barker 114 (room confirmation pending). Kindly email  Johanes Makar at jmakar@g.harvard.edu or Armaan Siddiqi at asiddiqi@g.harvard.edu to RSVP and receive a draft of the paper prior to the workshop session.


Fall 2019 Schedule

October 7 - Session 1

Speaker: Ari Schriber (PhD Candidate, NELC)

Chapter: Colonial Shari`a in Practice: Inheritance, Paternity, and Slavery in Moroccan Legal Pluralism


October 21 - Session 2 [starting 6:30pm]

Speaker: Caitlyn Olson (PhD Candidate, NELC)

Chapter: Islamic Theology 101: Teaching the Basics in 15th-century Tlemcen


November 4 - Session 3

Speaker: Youssef Ben Ismail (PhD Candidate, NELC)

Chapter: Tunisian merchants and the Ottoman fez trade (1600-1800)


November 18 - Session 4

Speaker: Rushain Abbasi (PhD Candidate, NELC)

Chapter: The Prophet and the Profane: An Inquiry into the Boundaries of Prophetic Authority


December 2 - Session 5: Prospectus Day

Speaker 1: Myriam Amri (PhD Candidate, Anthropology and CMES)

Prospectus: TBC


Speaker 2: Mitch Bacci (PhD Candidate, History and CMES)

Prospectus: Narcotics and Public Health in the Late Ottoman and Interwar Eastern Mediterranean